Textos y problemas

Esta seccion incluye temas y textos enviados por los colegas que trabajan en arte rupestre
pueden estar en cualquier idioma



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  1. Arte rupestre _ la discusion que origina las versiones y sus debates

    The present study deals with the oldest known paintings; it does not deal with primitive art, even less with the beginnings of art. Disregarding paleontological or geological standards, archaeology, on the basis of known Palaeolithic’s, teaches us that the Palaeolithic era comprised at least two great phases. The first and earlier phase was common to Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor because several land bridges across the Mediterranean enabled the inhabitants of these continents to be in constant communication. In Europe, southwest and northeast of the Pyrenees, the interruption of this contact produced a development different from that which took place in regions that probably saw the beginnings of human civilization. And the examples of Palaeolithic art we possess come exclusively from this second phase of the Old Stone Age. But there is no reason to assume that art developed only then. The weapons represented in the cave paintings in Dordogne and Cantabria, as well as the logical and, elaborate system.9f magic signs on the Neolithic Egyptian pottery indicate that wood painting and carving must have existed during the early Palaeolithic era; but because of the perishable nature of the material used, this art was lost forever. parrafo No 1 (Max Raphael 1946)

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