The World of Rock Art

British Rock Art Group Conference, Cambridge, UK

5th & 6th May 2007


The World of Rock Art Rock art provides tangible evidence for the link between past and present accessible to contemporary people. There is often no restriction to rock art due to its outdoor location: everyone can see it, visit it and make sense of it. The visual narratives captured in rock art allow for communication between artists in the past and subsequent viewers. Rock art comprises a unique record that allows us to pose a variety of questions from different viewpoints, and provides the basis for a multidisciplinary field of study reflecting modern concerns. These include issues of identification, management and preservation of this often very vulnerable and ephemeral art, creating a global debate that governments, researchers and societies at large have to address, in particular in the face of the massive changes accompanying globalization in recent decades. This conference invites contributors to participate in the current debate in the field. Themes to be considered will include how rock art depictions and the ways they are created comprise evidence, and how such evidence can be interpreted in meaningful ways. This conference will bring together researchers, heritage professionals, educators and intellectual property rights holders to assess the current state of rock-art research, management and preservation. Contributions are invited for presentations on all aspects in rock art research.

Contact: Dr Liliana Janik Dept of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, Downing St, Cambridge CB2 3DZ
The conference fee £ 5 includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea, for two days and wine reception on Saturday.

9.30 -10.15 Coffee & Registration 10.15 -10.25 Introduction
Liliana Janik (University of Cambridge, UK)
10.25 -10.50 Me, You, Us and Them -Telling Stories through Visual Art Liliana Janik (University of Cambridge, UK)
10.50 -11.15 The Bedolina Map -An Exploratory Network Analysis Craig Alexander (University of Cambridge, UK) 11.15 -11.40 Representing Rock Art in the Digital Age
Gwil Owen, Mel Leggat and Glynn Leggat (University of Cambridge, UK, University of Cambridge, UK and Anglia Ruskin University)
11.40 -12.05 Databases without Database for the World of Rock Art
Ludwig Jaffe (Associa~ao de Arte Rupestre Portuguesa- International Federation of Rock Art Organisations, Portugal)
12.05 -12.30 New Aspects of Documenting and Recording Rock Art in
Judith Trujillo (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro / Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal)
12.30 -1.30 Lunch
1.30 -1.55 Initial Results of a Forensic Study of the Palaeolithic Fluters of Rouffignac Cave, France
Kevin Sharpe and Leslie Van Gelder (Oxford University and Walden University, UK)
1.55 -2.20 The Master of Paspardo: Recognizing an Artist’s Hand in the Iron Age Rock Engravings ofValcamonica, Italy
Angelo Fossati (Cooperativa Archeologica Le orme dell’Uomo,
2.20 -2.45 Rock Paintings of the Norwegian Far North: Retaining a Past and Present Meaning
Terje Norsted (The Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, Norway)
2.45 -3.10 Some New Aspects for Interpreting Rock Art in the Eastern Canadian Shield
Daniel Arsenault and Annie d’ Amours (Universite du Quebec a Montreal, Canada and Universite du Quebec a Montreal,
3.10 -3.35 Residence, Relations and Gender: An Explanation for Motif Distribution in South-Central Californian Rock Art David Robinson (University of Exeter, UK) 3.35 -3.50 Tea
3.50 -4.15 Temani Pesh-wa: An Inter Tribal and Federal Government Co- operative Project to Conserve and Manage Rock Imagery J. Claire Dean (Conservation Services, Portland, USA)
4.15 -4.40 Rock Art of the Dreamtime: Images of Ancient Australia Josephine Flood (Centre for Archaeological Research, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia)
4.40 -5.05 Shaded Polychromes and the Making of Hunter-Gatherer History of the uKhahlamba-Drakensberg, South Africa Aron D. Mazel (Newcastle University, UK)
5.05 -5.30 Pastoralist Imagery and Symbolism Amongst the Bahima in the Interlacustrine Region
Vanessa Bahirana (UK)
5.30 -5.55 Art on Built Rock -Creating Caves in Ancient Malta Caroline Malone (University of Cambridge, UK) 5.55 -6.15 Discussion and BRAG announcement
6.15 Wine and Food Reception
9.30 -9.55 Coffee
9.55 -10.20 Pembrokeshire Cup Marked Stone Surfaces Mike Eastham (UK)
10.20 -10.45 Excavating an Enigma: The Archaeological Context of Atlantic Rock Art
Blaze O’Connor (University College Dublin, Ireland) 10.45 -11.00 Coffee
11.00 -11.25 On the Road Again: Representations of Chariots and Carts in the Rock Art of Northeastern Syria
Serge Lemaitre (Royal Museums of Art and History, Brussels, Belgium)
11.25 -11.45 The Filiforme Figures of Vale da Vermelhosa (Douro) Portugal
Mila Simoes de Abreu (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal)
11.45 -12.10 Tendency to Miniaturise in Some Styles of Rock Art within
the Corpus of Nordeste Tradition in the State of Bahia, Brazil Claudia Kachimareck (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro / Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal)
12.10 -12.35 Some New Geometric Rock Art Sites from Zambia Marcelle Olivier (University of Oxford, UK) 12.35 -1.20 Lunch
1.20 -1.45 Rock Art in Colombia. The Latest Perspective
Guillermo Munoz (Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro / Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal) delivered by Judith Trujillo
1.45 -2.10 New Discoveries in the Capivara National Park, Brazil
Niede Guidon (Capivara National Park, Brazil) delivered by Mila Simoes de Abreu
2.10 -2.35 Closing comments
What Do We Learnfrom Rock-Art?
Chris Chippindale (University of Cambridge)
2.35 -3.00 Discussion
3.00 Tea


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  1. Eric Ritter

    How does one get copies of Colombian rock art papers?

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